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Imthejenn's Wishlist. This is very useful for me - my first day on AFC. I'm scouring the site for tips on where to begin. I think I will start at the local Scolari's as they have a great Internet site with the weekly add and they double coupons and combine manufacturer with store Originally Posted by Imthejenn.

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Trader rating: 1. I am a newbie. I tried my hand at couponing and rebates several years ago and somehow allowed myself to become sidetracked. So now, here I am again, giving it another go. This time for the long run. I am SO excited! I think this method will be alot easier! Now when I go shopping and see something unexpectantly on sale or clearance I will have my binder with me and can easily find a coupon! This will save me TONS of time and aggravation! Good stuff. Thanks for laying out some realistic basics. Here's to saving some cash! I read and re-read this post - it is most helpful and re-assuring to my newbie self.

Tomorrow is my first significant coupon shopping experience. Although my list is not huge, I am going to several stores on my bicycle - so no wasted fuel, other than my morning breakfast,. I have to admit that I'm kind of nervous, especially about my first attempt at "stacking"? Mostly - I'm grateful for all of the information being shared and the kind welcome I've received. I'm really interested in learning about how to set up a binder Appreciate any help. Originally Posted by shopbybike. Attached Images 31rr-G0gxQL. Last edited by nomadicpixie; at AM.

Reason: more links, can't spell to save my life! Thanks for this post.

Couponing Terms You Need To Know:

I am returning to using coupons after losing all coupons, stockpiled items, everything in a fire two years ago. Lately, I have been using coupons casually, especially like the coupons loaded on my Kroger card as they work automatically. I have missed using some coupons to expiration due to lack of organization. I have a binder and inserts, so will be organizing soon.

2. Get Organized

Couponing question. I have been couponing for many years, but in a much smaller capacity. I was super excited. Anyway, I do have one question about using coupons. I am purchasing 2 items and have 2 coupons but the store has a promo also. Thanks in advance!! Originally Posted by doozers4. Thank you SO much!

That description was most helpful!! BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are Off. Add Thread to del. Recent Entries. Best Entries. Search Blogs. Hey Mom! Page 1 of Thread Tools. My intro to Couponing You have discovered couponing! CouponCubsker is surfing AFC for the latest deals! New Member Trader rating: 0. Caligirl14 , dgrimes , NoahDavidFlood , nomadicpixie , nursejenny Join Date: Apr Posts: 1. Quote: Originally Posted by lovinmyfamily08 Great info!!

How-to: Become an extreme couponer

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New Member Trader rating: 1. Join Date: Apr Posts: 5. I got sticky-ed!! Join Date: Apr Posts: 8. LovingMyFamily , nomadicpixie. Thank you for the helpful information. Quote: Originally Posted by shopbybike I'm really interested in learning about how to set up a binder GloCho is surfing AFC for the latest deals! Junior Member Trader rating: 0. Couponing question I have been couponing for many years, but in a much smaller capacity. Quote: Originally Posted by doozers4 I have been couponing for many years, but in a much smaller capacity.

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Words like "purchase" or "purchase of item" mean you can use one type of coupon for every individual item purchased. Purchase 20 items, use 20 coupons. Stacking Stacking means layering coupons, sales, rebates, and promotions to build the biggest overall discount possible on an individual product.

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The Busy Mom's Guide to Couponing. Close close The Krazy Coupon Lady. About FAQs Disclaimer. Vegan Extreme Couponing Intro and Example. Of course, there is always the common way of simply using a coupon to save a bit of money the next time you go to the grocery store, but there is a better way to use vegan coupons that can save you even more. It appears that the recent increase in interest regarding couponing is tied to the popularity of the TLC show, Extreme Couponing. For starters, a lot of long-time couponers hate this show, noting that it gives couponers a bad name and makes us look like a bunch of shelf-clearing hoarders that aren't opposed to a little coupon fraud.

On the other hand, there are also plenty of folks who are happy to see a wider audience of consumers becoming aware of the potential for significant savings with couponing done right. So the first thing I would like to make sure everyone is aware of is that the show has extreme in the title for a reason: Just like most reality television shows, this one is sensationalized to catch the attention of viewers.

Most couponers do not spend 60 hours per week planning their shopping trips, and then head to the store to clear all of the shelves and leave nothing for regular shoppers. And most couponers do not show up at the cash register with a dozen carts filled with unhealthy foods and toilet paper for the next 20 years.

If you have seen the show, then you have likely noticed that the items they are stockpiling are almost all products vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious folks would generally not purchase. And even in the world of an omnivore, no one can live on noodles, cereal and condiments alone. While this is partially true -- many of the best deals are on products that most vegans at least folks who are vegan for animal rights or ethical reasons would not purchase -- it is not entirely true.

Ethical, vegan extreme couponing is possible and can help you save thousands of dollars each year.