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These can be loaded to your app and redeemed just like the other Cartwheel offers. Pretty sweet! Can you redeem the digital mq and or cartwheels with online purchases? You most likely need to update your cartwheel app for the coupons to show up. I do not like that the coupons still take up a spot like the cartwheel offers do. Seems better to me to just use printed or newspaper coupons. I had 3 new Cartwheels and then lots of mfr coupons. You just add them just like the regular Cartwheel and I think they give us more slots now — I have 21 spots to add now. I agree seems that Target did away with a good portion of printable Target store coupons once they made manufacturer coupons available to print from target.

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I agree! Those days are gone…. So if I scan the barcode of an item in-store, will it bring up any manufacturers coupons that may be available as well? They are now starting to offer all of their texted coupons on their app which is great because you can go 1 place to view all of them! Yes, is super convenient to not have to open the text scroll to the offer I want, open it, scan it, then go back to the text and repeat for each offer.

I love having the target app. I love cartwheel! Is this only on the app and not on the computer? Not a big fan of this addition. I hope they can separate them into a category instead of just random throughout. But I like the addition! And sometimes I print coupons and wind up not using them. Can I get the coupons on my phone app? Or do I have to do it on the computer? Do you have the cartwheel app downloaded on your phone? You can grab them on your phone through the cartwheel app. Hope that helps! Or are they mixed in with the other offers? Maybe I need to uninstall and reinstall my app…. I know it varies on how often you use cartwheel.

I have only 31 spots.

Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. So, I got an online deal sat night since the deal was about to end. Can I bring the coupon in store and be able to use the coupon After buying online and picking up in store? I'm curious. Leave a reply Reply Name.

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Cancel Reply Post Your Reply. Is this a new policy? Let us show you how to Shop Smarter. Our Picks. Share 1 share Published 13 hours ago. Store: Sam's Club Online Deals. Share 31 shares Comments 1 Published 13 hours ago. Share 11 shares Published 13 hours ago. Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Share 1 share Comments 2 Published 14 hours ago. Store: Target Online Deals. Share 2 shares Published 14 hours ago. Better than free a CVS! Location Marker CVS. Comments 1 Published 17 hours ago. Malibu money maker at Walmart! Location Marker Walmart. Comments 22 Published Jun 21, Payless going out of business 90percent off Payless going out of business 90percent off.

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Location Marker Dollar General. Published Jun 20, Comments 4 Published Jun 19, Late Night Kroger run! Location Marker Kroger. Comments 2 Published Jun 19, Free wipes from Walmart. Free pampers pure diapers at CVS!!! Comments 11 Published Jun 17, Location Marker Walgreens. Comments 3 Published Jun 16, Graph Trending. Store: Walmart Online Deals. Share 22 Comments 12 Published May 22, Store: Amazon Online Deals. Share 14 Comments 11 Published Jun 14, Share Comments 98 Published Jun 6, Share Comments Published Jun 18, Store: Kohl's Online Deals.

Share Published May 30, Store: Macy's Online Deals. Share 36 Comments 1 Published Jun 8, She said they were not being paid on them so they could no longer take them. My Kroger refuses to accept the "Redeemable at Walmart" coupons and I even addressed the fact that it says Manufacturer Coupon and they do not care. The irony in it all is that I have tried to use the "Redeemable at Walmart" coupons at Walmart and they will NOT take them either claiming that they do not take Print-at-home coupons.

Kroger in Dacula GA is hit or miss with these. If the cashier says no, the manager will back them up. However, most cashiers just scan it, see that it works, and move on. Its so frustrating because it makes it harder to plan so mostly I just don't use them unless its a deal too good to pass up. I brought in a few coupons to my local Kroger store Dillons and they wouldn't take any coupons that had Walmart printed on it. They wouldn't take the redeemable at Walmart or the available at Walmart coupons. Very frustrating. These variances in policy make it very had to stay on budget.

We actually changed our coupon policy about taking coupons from other stores, if you bring a coupon that states "redeemable only at walmart", we will take it as long as it scans. We will also take expired coupons that scan, up to 30 days expired. But the coupon must scan, there are expired coupons that will still scan past the expiration date. Does this mean i can only use it at Publix? Hi Alicia, I just redeemed this coupon at Publix.

Publix coupons have LU 's, these coupons are only for Publix. Kroger never really gives me much issue with coupons. But Wal Mart gets down right rude. For example I have a yorkie that will only eat cesar dog food ground.

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Well lucky for me around beginning of year Cesar put a buy one get one free some for 24pk 12pk and so on. I was using them find at Wal mart til around April or May then bam no longer work. Cashier is like we no longer honor them I guess. I have coupons that have manufacture coupon printed on top and right above barcode it has winco foods the assistant mgr allowed me to use it but then the following day she said the store mgr said No, what should I do I am new.

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Well, there is theory and practice. Kroger mails coupons to its customers. Some are clearly marked at top "manufacturer" while others are marked "store". Other stores, some stores, are refusing to take the manufacturers' coupons even though they have the instructions to retailers on the back and even sometimes with the actual manufacturer's name and address to redeem as opposed to clearing house agents , just because there is a small Kroger logo on the front. So you can be right, but out of luck with cashiers and their managers.