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I had a single membership for many years, Lifetime is a top-notched facility and has much to offer.

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I dont know if this helps but I was talking to one of their reps at the beginning of this year and I was given a Recently my nephew was offered a special rate of I looked in to them about 6 months ago and it was 70 individual at that time. If you join close to the end of the month sign-up fees are less or zero.

I feel I get my monies worth so I don't focus on the price. I at first thought the OP was asking "what does a lifetime of fitness cost" I was curious what people would say. Originally Posted by llcamp I liked to Y but the only bad thing about them is that they always seemed to increase the prices yearly I visited lifetime fitness and was impressed with their set up While liftin duh weights I yell out It's worth it I have no plans on telling them when my daughter turns 12 so they can jack up my rate I don't know about other parts of the country, but the ones here in AZ have TWO pools that are more water parks than they are pools And they are immaculate, that alone is worth it if you have kids.

IMO it's more than just a gym, there is so much stuff to do there. If you never get OUT of it The chains never post prices because they will vary from club to club and also from time to time at the same clubs. Health club membership sign ups are also seasonal, so by waiting to sign up in the summer months when most clubs except for those in resort areas are slow or in the Christmas shopping season, you will almost always pay less and also not have to pay upfront "initiation" fees than say in January, which is the peak "New Year's Resolution" season.

Real men hit the weights AND do their cardio. People they pray for poor folks"- John Thompson, long time head basketball coach at Georgetown University. Passion doesn't pay the bills. Money does.

Lifetime Fitness family membership cost? Need info

It's a gold club in the Chicago area. Originally Posted by chodan9. Originally Posted by Gymcost. I was happy as a clam at gold's gym for the last 20 years, then my wife and daughter joined Lifetime and told me I should too. They both quit in about 6 months but now 6 years later, I'm still at lifetime because I got spoiled. It's such a great place! It's impossible to be in a bad mood when you are there. I'm a long time member at a Platinum club. Don't know about new members fees though.

Life Time Fitness Student Membership/Student Discount Policy

May 3 - ; May 10 - ; May 17 - ; May 24 - ; May 30 - Or vice versa, she can take them there and you can continue to go to 24hr. Too bad I can't sell you my membership and skip the initiation fee for you. Let them know that you are happy with the gym you are at but you are looking for X amenities that 24 does not have.

You would like to join LTF but need something to push you over the edge. Otherwise you are happy at 24 and will not change. If you can wait until December there is a friends and family that has a I managed the Algonquin and Skokie location. It depends on the salesperson, manager and how well they are doing on their goal. Not to hijack, but hey, cool. I've been a member at the Algonquin location since shortly after it opened. But, seeing as how I'm a single member no family yet , can't otherwise help answer Brandt's question. Let them know that you have 2 more years prepaid at your other gym early on.

Be prepared to walk out and do in fact walk out if they don't get to a number that you have pre-determined beforehand. Pick that number before you go in and don't sway. Having 2 years prepaid means that they need you a whole lot more than you need them. Funny I dealt with people who did that to me all the time All I am saying is that it is not a Bally's wheelin' and Dealin'. It does not work that way.

But if you show up at the right time Race Reports! Updated posts. My threads. My favorite threads.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Lifetime Fitness

    My Race Log. Subject: RE: Lifetime Fitness family membership cost? I t costs After they turn 12 it goes up. There is a hefty initiation fee also. I can't remember the exact number, but it was over bucks.

    Life Time Fitness Student Membership Policy

    They offer referral rewards for members so if you have a friend that belongs, let them refer you. They don't negotiate any of the prices and will not run specials unless it is a new gym. In that case they might offer lower initiation fees. Thanks; do they charge extra for kids' activities? Depends on the activity.

    Regular Costs of Lifetime Fitness Membership

    Go at the end of the month. Edited by AddysDaddy PM. AddysDaddy - PM Go at the end of the month. Retail is for suckers. They negociate a good deal on the price. BUT one good thing is that it's month to month. You can cxl at any time.