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Being Aware of Coupon Fraud – Protecting Yourself

Apparently, whoever hires the help there is very good at picking the right people. Seems like all stores are not that lucky at getting good help. On April 2, about am, I went into the store to purchase a few items. After I had been in the store a few minutes, I noticed that I was being followed by a police officer. I went to the check out to pay for my items with my EBT card, only to find that the software on the cash register had been changed.

I wanted to receive cash from my EBT card. When I followed the prompts, the screen asked: Is this amount correct? I entered no, because as I said I wanted cash back. After hitting no, my transaction was canceled. This process was repeated 3 times. I then asked the cashier to watch as I entered the information; however, she would not look at the screen. However, she continued to state that I was doing something wrong.

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I then stated to her that I would go over to customer service and take care of the transaction. The cashier asked me not to go to customer service because they would yell at her. I went to customer service only to encounter a clerk that also uninformed of transactions in which an EBT card was used. By the way, the cop that had been following me throughout the store followed me to the customer service desk.

Eventually, a staff member who also worked at shop rite explained to the clerk at customer service that the transaction was legitimate and could now only be executed at select registers at the store. I had made a prior complaint at Shoprite; however, they did not correct the problem. I contacted customer service and they said to go to Chews Landing SR for they had the right offer. I contacted them again and I was told the photographer who did the ad only had the picture of the Birthday Barbie, so that is what he used.

But the words Birthday Barbie were still written in the buy 1 get 1 offer. I think a store with their reputation should not have let that ad print. On December 14, , I went to ShopRite and bought groceries. The girl never offered me any explanation.

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I was so humiliated. I used my debit card to pay for my purchase. The next morning I called my bank, everything on their end was great, so I called the grocery store back again. They then gave me a number to call, which I did and the automated response told me that there was no negative check writing on my account, just that my check did not meet their check acceptance model. Furious, I called the store back and told her what was said.

She then called Certegy and they told her I had to call because of a code 2 and set the account up. I called Certegy and was told that it was just the process they were following for the store that night, that my check fit the pattern of fraud and so to protect the store, they declined my check. They apologized over and over and said that it wasn't my check, it was just the computer system and the way it read checks.

I told the rep at Certegy to tell all the people in the store that were standing there that, yeah right!


The rep also told me this, Certegy can decline or accept your check whenever the computer ran it depending on what model they were running at that time, that declining your check was not always in regard to bad checks, that it had to do with the "pattern". My feeling is this, from here on out, when I write a check and it is declined, I will simply tell the manager of the store that due to Certegy declining my check without sufficient reason, I don't need the merchandise that bad, and I will go elsewhere to purchase it. I will not again pay with other means, let the merchant figure out what is going on and what to do with the merchandise in the buggy.

Maybe if enough people do that, the merchants will find another way to verify bad check writers. I knew it was wrong. When I went to Shoprite's customer service, where a lady and Mr. She picked up the wrong bag. This was given to me by your person in the fish department. In fact, he was putting more bags on the shelf and said this was it. I told Ryan that I am going to report him and he said, "Go ahead. After I did my shopping for groceries there, I then picked up my subscription. After I left the store, I counted them. I was supposed to get 60 pills, and I counted I then called the store pharmacy and told them what happened.

I was informed that the pharmacist was away from the desk at this point and she would call me back. About a half hour later, she called me back and started to tell me she counted her inventory and was correct on their end; and that my prescription was counted by the machine, another person, and then by herself, and I received 60 pills. I then told her I counted them three times, and I keep coming up with 58 pills.

She basically said I was wrong so I asked to speak to a manager. After several minutes on hold, the store manager gets on. I then start to tell her who I am and what happened. And she starts telling me the same as the pharmacist - that my pills were counted 3 times, and that I received 60 pills. And she added that I had 60 pills when I walked out there doors, and what happened after I left the store was my problem. I know this is a he said, she said situation, and I should have counted them in the store.

I just want what happened to me out there; because if I was shorted 2 pills, how many other people are being shorted? I have been a valued shopper for numerous years at ShopRite and I noticed that when African Americans enter this store pertaining to myself and children, staff members are always constantly following and watching us like we are thieves.

I was shopping and paid for all my items when ShopRite mystery shopper followed me to the front of the store watching and following me and squatted down to see if i stole something. Mystery shopper then screamed out very loudly in front of everyone, "It is nothing". I then informed mystery shopper that I would never steal anything, that I have been a valued customer for many years. I am a single parent who travels very far for bargains to meet my budget. I feel no one has the right to be followed and embarrassed in front of anyone.

It really hurt me dearly. I was embarrassed completely with my children and how this situation was dealt with. I feel my skin color doesn't give the right for establishments to follow and embarrass and accuse anyone of stealing. I spoke with the manager but I didn't feel he would take care of this problem. This situation needs to be rectified immediately and I didn't hear anything from ShopRite.

I feel I should be compensated for being discriminated against. Which was not the case. I bought a 10 lbs. I've also tried to contact the company, Sioux pork products, and am waiting for a response. If you need, I will save the contents of the bucket and would glad to show you. Thank You.

On October 30, at approx. My husband didn't have his price plus card and went to the Courtesy counter and asked to be looked up by our phone number. My husband has written checks in this store on more than one occasion and I added my husband on this price plus account many years ago. He then told them "both of our names is on the check, the check has our old address but it matches the price plus account address in the system because we probably never updated we only moved a year ago and my drivers license shows my current address".

He was refused and was advised to fill out his own price plus card. He did what he was told. After filling out his price plus forms they then told him "you still can't write a check because you're now considered new" which was incident number 1. He then asked why would you tell me to do this if it defeats the purpose. Their reply was, "the only way you will be able to write a check today is if your wife add you on to her price plus account. He immediately came to me about the issue he encountered and I couldn't believe how they were treating him. Especially when 1.

I then told him we're going back to shoprite and I will settle this. I went back to shoprite with my husband and asked what seems to be the issue, they were even nastier to me than they were to him. Once I realized I wasn't getting anywhere I added him on once again to the price plus account, as I was told. I was then told now you can write your check. By this time they had put the little odds and ends back. We had to re-surface the store again and collect our items as the puppets they made us that night.

Once we got our items I went to check out and the cashier said, "your price plus account has been flagged, you cannot write a check either. I then questioned WHY! The cashier voided the transaction as we walked over to the courtesy desk once again. The gentleman came out I explained the situation to him and all he could say is, "I'll just ok then check follow me," with no explanation as to why we were being denied. Well lo and behold just that quick they scattered our stuff to make us go and get them again like puppets.

The manager began looking for our stuff looking embarrassed but still not saying anything. We waited on the line with the manager once again. The items he had was not the total items matching the check that I wrote but his associates was not trying to help him, still giving us attitude and was still not cooperating with us. He then raked our stuff with his arm not apologizing and said "I'm tired of playing games all the stuff is free. We took it as he said it as if we were playing the games. My husband was totally wrong in the end for losing his composure but we were humiliated, embarrassed, played with as if we were toys and profiled for 3 hours and still didn't accomplish anything.

On October 31, I contacted Shoprite to file a complaint and was told I had check writing capabilities since September of and my husband has been listed since then and she will have someone contact me asap and they will find out all that was working last night. I didn't leave the store until approx. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. To see why, sign up below! For more information, please visit www.

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ShopRite cautioned shoppers about the fake 40-percent-off coupon

In response, ShopRite issued statements on Saturday through their Facebook page, alerting potential shoppers of the fraudulent coupon. Sign Up for E-News. Please disregard this fraudulent offer as it will not be honored in your local store. We apologize for any confusion this may cause. Alternate versions of the coupon link to Free-Giftes4u. Those have also been confirmed as fraudulent. This status is While planning summer road trips can be fun, they can also be stressful. Where to stay? What's the best route to take?

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