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It took 2 days longer to get a response from Seller Support by emailing them. Maybe there was no Seller Support phone service in April ? I got conned like you, some one asked me to set a special promotion for 20 unit, then they boungt out almost all my inventory for free, I lost everything, facing the same problem as you did,2 question: 1. Thanks so much for being a stand up guy and sharing this. Just think of all the people you have helped. This happened to me and my business partner. Bad Idea.

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For the next couple f weeks I felt ashamed and horrible as I felt I mad lost my friends investment money. He even decided to go depart from our deal. I dont blame him. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Hi, If all mentioned by you is true, but kindly let me know do you have that much units available in FBA when actually you are getting ordees.

You brought back the gut-wrenching feeling I had when this happened to me Koreans, too! What is up with that? The Koreans took over my buy box for the next 2 months, reselling my inventory that they had just gotten for free. Would love for Amazon to look into this Korean group.

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I just experienced the exact same thing after giving out a coupon code. Ouch Chris this is painful! You mentioned you were selling a day before, after the sudden spike of sales, did your daily average increase? Did the promotion hurt you on the short run but on the long run it helped?

So sorry to hear your loss! Good man for taking it in your stride! Hey Anthony, seriously glad my post was able to salvage something for you! Really sorry to hear about your situation too.

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Amazon has to do something about its promotions system. Its broken. If not for this post I would have watched my entire inventory go to waste. I woke up and looked at the 31 emails stating Amazon has shipped my orders and felt funny.

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For a full day I watched more and more orders being shipped. I thought someone had set me up. I then typed in Amazon promotion killed my business and found your post. When I got to the part about Amazon stopping the orders I jumped out of bed and ran to the computer.

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It was 2am. Sling offers 3 channel packages that mix and match some of the most popular cable networks. You can also pick and choose from additional channel options, such as more sports channels, movie channels, kids TV, an additional lineup of comedy networks, and more.

As stated, there are many ways to access Sling TV.

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For all devices, downloading the app is always free. That brings us to the deals. Before purchasing Sling TV, you may want to avail yourself of the many deals and offers the company provides to new users. Most streaming services will now provide a free trial. This is applied automatically upon signing up for the service in most cases. Sling TV, and all other streaming services for that matter offer the trial period as a complimentary service to give customers the option to try before they buy.

You can decide whether a device deal is better for you, especially if it voids the 7-day free trial. Sling TV regularly offers discounts on various streaming devices. Sling is currently promoting a deal to get a free Roku Express when you prepay for 2 months of service. If you need a streaming device with a bit more power, the Roku Ultra is going to get it for you.

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